Great use of VFX in this sort film by Pallas Pictures and Charles Willcocks. I wish the robot didn’t commit suicide at the end 🙁

Behind the Scenes of Future Ready

Very interesting concepts from the team at Dell by Framestore. I wonder how possible it is for all this things to be created.

Pete’s Dragon – Official US Trailer

Liking the look of this film, still slightly disappointed Disney are moving towards more live action stuff but hopefully this will be good.

Nissan Rogue – Rocky Road

Great advert by the team at Radke and everyone else involved.

The 2016 Lexus CT Commercial: Many Becomes Him

Very cool work by the vfx company who put this together. Really like the way the transitions were done.

ASDA – #GiantHen (Framestore)

Very cool work by Framesotre on this advert for ASDA. I would love to know what this giant chocolate hen tastes like, not in a sexual way.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War – Trailer 2

Another fantastic trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil Wa. Finally we get to see the new Spiderman!!!!

a Drop – short film

Really impressive short film by Julien Vanhoenacker and everyone else involved. Such great use of visual effects, especially at the end.

Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Very clever advert by NEXUS productions. Super shocked no one has ever done this before.


Brilliant film by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen and everyone else involved. The fight scene choreography is fantastic. Scroll down to see some exclusive videos and images courtesy of BlackMagic Design.

Far Cry Primal – Director’s Cut

Fantastic promo film for Far Cry Primal by ELASTIC. Love the slow motion and use of colours.

Ant-Man Reel: Luma Pictures

I didn’t know so much of the film had VFX. Very cool work by Luma Pictures on this.