Unity Adam demo – the full film

Remember that trailer released for Unity a while ago? Well this is the full film. Still super confusing.

Unity GDC demo – Adam – Part I

I thought Unity was inferior graphics wise to UE4 but not after seeing this. Can’t wait to see part 2.

HITMAN – Legacy Opening Cinematic Trailer

Cool cinematic for the upcoming HITMAN game. I know this is really bad but I have no idea who put it together ;(

Far Cry Primal – Director’s Cut

Fantastic promo film for Far Cry Primal by ELASTIC. Love the slow motion and use of colours.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story Trailer – I Am Faith

Don’t know what it is they’re doing at DICE but I’d love to know how they got Frostbite to look this good. Can’t wait to get back into the colourful world of Mirror’s Edge.

Mind of the Virtuoso

I seriously don’t understand how these League of Legend videos get so many views. Great work by Riot Games on this piece. I don’t even know who Virtuoso is but he seems like a cool guy.

Far Cry Primal | Story trailer | PS4

Insanely impressed with how this game looks. I was originally skeptical about a Far Cry game without guns but this looks very interesting.

SMITE: To Hell and Back

Realtime UK have killed it with this cinematic piece for Smite. The animation and rendering work is fantastic.


Great cinematic piece for upcoming game The Division by Digital District. Hope the game plays as well as this looks.

Fifa Online 3 trailer

Great trailer for Fifa Online 3. I’m not sure how popular these free-to-play versions of Fifa are but I don’t think they’ll come to the west anytime soon.

Free Mercedes-AMG Tour coming to #DRIVECLUB

This looks insanely photo realistic. Next Gen is truly here.

PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Dude!! How do Square have gameplay for this already!! This is awesome, impressed at how well they’ve blended the gameplay and cut scenes.