PaperMap – Uniform
Greenwich Peninsula

Very impressive work by the team at Uniform on this web based spectacle for Greenwich Peninsula. Love the low poly paper effect, the animated city and the level of interactivity. Would love to know how they put this together.

Using 3D elements to make sites interactive – Ultranoir

I’ve been a fan of ultranoir’s work for a long time, they always seem to thing up new and innovative ways to make websites more cool and interactive. Their latest work Over the Hills is something slightly different from what they usually do since it integrates 3D elements into the site in a very unique way. I’ve managed to get an interview with Nathan Gordon a creative web developer at ultranoir to find out more about the project.

Making 3D models interactive in the web

When I first saw and played about with Sketchfab a few years ago I was incredibly impressed with what I saw. 3D models in the browser wasn’t something that was really seen at that time and they’ve come a long way since then. I’ve managed to get an interview with Alban Denoyel the Co-founder & CEO.