The Cave – Community Event

If you’ve not heard of The Cave before, it’s an upcoming platform/puzzle/adventure by developer Double Fine and published by Sega. I had the pleasure of playing the game before it’s release at the community event put together by Sega in a swanky London hotel.

The Cave features seven different playable characters all with unique abilities which help solve the games well crafted puzzles, however you can only take three into the cave which is just about manageable, and thank God it doesn’t have online co-op since I couldn’t imagine communicating bickering with two other people over a headset trying to figure puzzles out (although local co-op was fun).

Speaking of puzzles, this part was the highlight of the game to me. The demo I played was just a small part which required me to trap a cave dwelling creature with a mechanical claw (similar to the claw machines you see in the arcades). The monster had to be lured under the claw long enough for it to be picked up and left dangling in the air. The only way to do that, was to pick up a sausage from the vending machine to use as bait and guess what, the vending machine was broken. Armed with a hillbilly, a knight and a futuristic hovering lady, I (and a friend) went ahead to figure out this complicated puzzle out.

Around half an hour of tinkering, lever pulling and messing about, we finally got the monster trapped. Although I couldn’t help but wonder how would I have solved the puzzle if I had chosen a different set of puzzles? Did I have to trap the creature with the claw? Did I have to use a sausage? Why were we in the cave at all?

Luckily, the games producer Ron Gilbert was around to answer all these questions. The Cave was Ron’s brain child and he’s had this idea for over 20 years but didn’t really get time to work on it until recently. Each character has their own unique story as to why there are in the cave (which I don’t want to go into right now). You move seamlessly from one level to next without any loading times and yes, there is more than one way to complete each puzzle.

If this article has got you interested in the game, check out the trailer below. The game will be released early 2013.