The Cleanest Mouse Ever

It’s been a while since an interview has been posted on the blog and thankfully the guys at Tiny Inventions have been kind enough to answer the questions I’ve asked about their cute little animation – Perfect Houseguest.

1) Could you tell us a little bit about how you both discovered your interest in directing films?

Max was into photography in high school and ended up at Rhode Island School of Design. Ru was into drawing and crafting which led to attending Parsons School of Design. From there, it was natural that both of us wanted our artwork to start moving.

2) What inspired you to create a film about a mouse that tidy’s up?

Our studio was so heavily infested with mice that we eventually left. I got angry when I discovered that mice entered our miniature sets and pooped all over. We kept saying how nice it would have been if they cleaned the studio for us.


3) How long did the film take to create from conception for final piece?

We were busy this year juggling many projects & teaching that it’s hard to say how long it took for us to finish “Perfect Houseguest.” We squeezed in the production whenever we could.

4) How much of the short film is CG, live action and stop motion?

Only the spices turning are stop motion but rest are all CG and live action.


5) Did you create it entirely by yourself or did you have any help?

Music composition / sound design : Bram Meindersma Musicians: Simone Aarnink, David Beukers & Tymen Bergman CG Rigging: Brian Horgan & Will Walker

6) Was it difficult to raise funds to create this film?

There wasn’t much funding. We got a little bit from Maryland Institute College of Art’s faculty fund to cover 10% of the budget.

7) Finally do you consider yourself to be perfect house guests?

If the mouse is the standard…nowhere near her. When entering a house, we do take off our shoes, though.